Paige Woolen - Co-Owner/Trainer

Paige is both the co-owner and an instructor at The Pilates Fitness Center. Her certification is from Body Arts and Science International. Her approach focuses on a full body fitness based workout that targets every muscle group and provides a challenge for all levels and abilities. 


Bridget Whalley- Trainer

After 10 years of study with such renowned instructors as Real Isacowitz, Kristi Cooper-White and Lara Hudson, coupled with a keen eye for structural alignment, Bridget customizes instruction to fit individual needs. She guides clients through a series of training exercises spotlighting core muscles and strengthening connective tissue throughout the body. Nothing restores a youthful look more than a straight back, strong abs and graceful balance. She cushions the work with patience and a belief in mind-body connection.



Brittany Dugi Turner - Trainer

Brittany Dugi-Turner received her BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University in Orange, California. It was here that she developed her love for Pilates, discovering its ability to improve ones overall physical and mental wellbeing. After graduating, Brittany received her Pilates certification with a dance specialization through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) from the renowned instructor Karen Clippinger.Brittany believes Pilates can truly transform individuals bodies and even their lives.

Jill Sharer - Trainer

Jill has been practicing Pilates for 20 years.  At first, she thought of Pilates as simply a way to end her chronic back pain, but once that was resolved, she continued her practice and soon became a devote.  Eventually, she decided to take it to the next level and teach.  She was certified by a master teacher  who trained under a student of Joseph Pilates himself.  Although Jill sees all sorts of clients, her specialties arerunners, athletes  and those who spend too much time on the computer. In addition, Jill is a second generation Palisadian and is excited to work in a community she knows so well. 


Katy Dean - Trainer

Originally from Houston, TX, Katy received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona and has been living in LA ever since. She found Pilates after having a minor back injury that prevented her from other forms of exercise. She has been studying and teaching Pilates for the last five years. She is certified by Pilates Technique and love bridging her Classical Pilates background with fun. flowing Contemporary Pilates exercises to synchronize mind and body.