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We offer a complete 450 hours Teacher Training Course.

The Pilates Education Institute Program meets all the criteria for inclusion in the PMA Registry of Schools. 

This Course is perfect for anyone who wants to pursue their Pilates Instruction, add to their yoga instruction or those of you who have home equipment and want to deepen your Pilates practice. 


Professional Pilates Teacher Training Program

450 Hour Course: $4,000.00


*10 hours of personal practice. 

*10 hours of observation in studio. 

*10 hours of actual teaching in studio

is included in each individual module. 


No other Teaching Training Program in the valley can offer this priceless experience of learning in an established busy studio!

·       Mat I/II: 100 Hours $1,000.00

·       Reformer: 121 Hours $1,000.00

·       Cadillac: 115 Hours $1,000.00

·       Chair: 57 Hours $500.00

·       Barrel: 57 Hours $500.00

 In accordance with Pilates Education Institute, all sessions require instructional hours, observation hours, personal practice hours and teaching hours which will equal total hours as stated above, we include 30 of those hours for each peice of equipment, in our studio at no extra charge for you to help satisfy your requirement. 

Each piece of equipment is taught individually with a written curriculum from Pilates Education Institute. You will learn and be completely prepared to teach a 55 min class with professionalism and confidence for every module. 

Please email Trisha@thepilatesfitnesscenter.com for more info.

Upcoming Summer Trainings  

Reformer Training July 2017

Cadillac Training August 2017



Congratulations to Tracy for completing the

Mat Teacher Training

Mat teacher training April 2017

Mat teacher training April 2017