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Trisha Woolen- Owner/Trainer

Trisha began her Pilates practice when she sustained an injury over 30 years ago.
The Pilates Method, as it was referred to in the early 90's is what kept her from having back surgery and allowed her to carry her 2 daughters, Paige and Tarra, After she had been told it was impossible to carry children due to her injuries. Her passion for Pilates is what brought her to the Pacific Palisades studio in 2003 and lead her to buy the studio in 2011. Her many years of dedication and enthusiasm for Pilates is what she brings to all her clients and classes. She recently opened a second location in La Quinta, CA.


Tracy Bartlett- Trainer

A former group fitness instructor, Tracy began her Pilates journey ten years ago after a trip to a physical therapist confirmed a displaced SI joint and several other overuse injuries. As part of her therapy, the PT, a Pilates instructor, started Tracy on a Pilates routine. Taking Pilates Reformer classes enhanced Tracy’s interest in Pilates and an early retirement allowed Tracy to follow her passion for teaching fitness to others. Tracy received her teacher training through the Pilates Fitness Center. Tracy’s classes will emphasize form, fitness and fun!