La Quinta Village

78-120 Calle Estado, La Quinta, Ca.  

Suite 101 Main Studio (Group Reformer Classes)

Suite 208 Upper Oasis Room (Privates Room )

Class  Descriptions 

Pilates For Newbies: A beginning Pilates class on the reformer where you will learn: proper form, spring tension, cuing, and basic Pilates exercises and is required prior to moving on to any other classes. No injuries please.

Pilates I: This class is designed for people who have done Pilates on a reformer before and feel confident in a group class setting. No injuries please.

Pilates 2: This class is designed for people who have Mastered Pilates Level 1. The pace is quick with an emphasis on abs and bridging. No injuries please. 

Pilates 3: This is an advanced group reformer Pilates class for those who have already attended and mastered  level 1 and 2. Invitation is required. No injuries please.

Cardio Jump:This is a 55 minute jump board class with circuit training intervals. It is a quick paced and cardio based Pilates group Reformer class. No prior injuries allowed.


Mat 1: Mat Pilates exercises to strengthen, stretch, lengthen and build core strength at a comfortable pace. All levels welcome. Bring your own Mat. Offered Seasonally , Please check schedule .

Pilates Barre: This is a standing Pilates at the Barre class designed to keep the proper alignment and form utilizing Ballet and Pilates exercises. Offered Seasonally. Please check schedule,


Pilates All Levels: A group reformer class. All levels welcome.


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(classes are LIMITED to 5 reformers per class).